Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer 2012

Summer vacation. It's almost over. Here's a list of summer things. It's a boring list, really. But it will make you feel better about your own summer, so that's good for you.

1) Ate at the new vegan/ raw food restaurant in town. Food was terrific. The explosive inner turmoil (not of the existential kind) I felt within ten minutes of leaving the restaurant was not terrific. Thankfully I'm not shy about expressing my discomfort to anyone within earshot, so my incessant wailing and complaining for the twenty fours hours it took for the ridiculous amount of fiber to move through my body made things more delightful for me (and my loved ones).

2) Travelled with the kids to North Carolina to see Kate play in her all star tournament. It was exciting, except for the part where I had some kind of infection and felt like garbage and was coughing like a woman who smokes two packs a day. Not sure I've ever missed Greg so much in my life. The games were some of the best I've seen though. Aside from taking Kate to see the Avett Brothers last February, I'm not sure I've ever been this excited for her.

3) Volunteered at vacation bible school and thoroughly enjoyed it. No, I really did. Someone is reading this and thinking I'm being sarcastic. Even I was shocked when I found myself looking forward to going in to see the kids everyday.

4) Drove Jane to a very lucrative babysitting gig for two weeks in which she made a lot of money. Suddenly found myself jealous of my teenage daughter's financial status.

5) Rode my bike for countless hours and still managed to stay fat, but I am not bitter about this. Not a single bit.

6) Celebrated Jane's sixteenth birthday. Had explosive inner turmoil ( of the existential kind). I do not like the way time is moving forward without asking me what I think. I suddenly find myself almost bursting into tears when I see young moms carrying their babies or walking with their little toddlers. I have become a hideous middle aged cliche. The woman grasping at straws to keep things just as they always were.

7) Recently started going back to daily Mass. Not because I feel like it though. Truthfully, I most often don't feel like it. But I go anyway. And am never sorry when I leave.

8) Cut Maggie's hair because she began talking about her "rat's nest"  as though it were an appendage. It had become part of her and when I cut it off she told us it felt weird without it there. She became convinced that mice lived in her hair during her sleeping hours and when I told her no, that wasn't true, she cried and said it was true, she could feel them sleeping in there and they would leave every morning. Now that the rat's nest is gone I have no idea where the mice are sleeping. And yes, I did comb her hair, but no matter what we did the rat's nest would appear again and again and again. She has a cute bob now and it will stay like that until she is at least ten and can comb her own hair.


Julie said...

Thank you for posting!! Love the rat's nest part. I remember the rat's nest I had when I was a kid. Mt mother cut it out a few times (not all my hair just the rat's nest). Eventually I had to have my hair braided every night before bed so the rat's nest wouldn't come back. Madi, on the other hand, had long hair almost all of her childhood and never had a rat's nest (it definitely wasn't from anything diligent that I did). How many times can one say "rat's nest" in a blog comment?

deborah Macfarlane (sister of Ann Marie) said...

clicked onto capicola as I have many times over the past weeks and was so pleased to see a fresh post!
the rat's nest is yet another hacic classic...we have all had them - but how many of us actually thought there were mice living in our hair?!
summer is closing here in NY too -2 off to college and
what?! my youngest is in HIGH SCHOOL?!!! I am way
too young for this all...
another chapter closed, another one begins...
savor the moments and keep writing because you remind us to give thanks we are here for our children...

Tiffany said...

Sounds like a great summer. I can't believe 2 months have flown by. I can't wait to see Maggie's hair, I bet it's super cute.

Terri said...

How in the world did I, your biggest fan, miss this?

I bet that's what Maggie's been texting me about; her missing rats. Next time I'll know how to respond properly.

Happy 16th to Jane & GO KATE! Buy that girl some Milk Duds!

ann marie said...

Terri, I didn't want to tell you I posted anything because this post was so lame! :)