Thursday, November 8, 2012


Did you fools really think I was going to talk about that? I'll do whatever it takes to up my readership though and I knew someone out there would be lured in by that title.

Well here's an update on our new dog, Leo. He is highly irritating. Greg keeps trying to trick me into finding his behavior cute by calling Leo a puppy, because he's only eleven months old and technically that still qualifies him as such. But he is fully grown and he doesn't look like a puppy at all ( kind of like Anthony is fully grown and doesn't look like a pre-teen. The similarities between Anthony and Leo are endless) . He is a complete nuisance but as soon as Greg tells me he's only a puppy I think, oh, that's right, I can't get mad at a puppy, that would be like getting mad at a baby. Yesterday I caught him with his paws up on the kitchen counter and his face in a jar of peanut butter. He looked at me like," yeah, whatever be-atch, I'm a puppy, just try and get mad at me."

And so it's begun. I am one of those people who tells really boring dog stories and when your face glazes over with complete disinterest I don't even care. I just keep rambling on and on, because omg! Leo is the cutest dog ever, don't you think so too?! Yes, I will send out Christmas cards, for the first time in fourteen years, but not because I really care about wishing you a Merry Christmas. I need a reason to put antlers and a scarf on my puppy and Christmas is ready made for that. I'll do a Christmas letter too and I'll  make it so it looks like Leo wrote it! Here's what it would say if Leo did write it...

Hey everybody!

It's Leo. I've just been adopted by a new and really dumb family. They let me rip up paper bags and books and shoes and toys all day long. Sometimes I like to go into the bathroom and grab the toilet paper and then let it trail through the house. The mom gets a little mad but then she laughs and says something about how it reminds her of her son when he was a toddler. (She compares me to her son when he was a toddler an awful lot and I'm starting to think this kid must have been a real handful.) I take all their socks and hide them out in the backyard and under couch cushions and then I watch the mom wander around all day trying to find them and sometimes she looks at me like she wants to hit me over the head, but then the man comes in and tricks her into thinking I'm just a whittle puppy and I can't help it and she calms right down. This guy has her wrapped right around his finger. He tells her all kinds of lies, like that she makes the best toast and eggs ever, just to get out of doing things himself. I think she has what you humans call low self esteem, so if you just give her one little compliment she eats it right up! Anyway, I like to jump all over people and hump blankets. That one gets me into trouble, but not too much because I am just a puppy after all. I've been enjoying my walks. The lady just likes to take me out and show me off, because she thinks everyone will find me as cute as she does and mostly people do because let's face it, I'm a golden retriever. The mom keeps calling me the Jon Hamm of dogs. She makes sure not to do it in front of the dad though. And the son thinks it's funny to call me a son of bitch and he tells the mom, "well, technically he is a son of a bitch so it's not like I'm cussing, mom!" I've noticed that the males in this family like to use the word "technically" a lot and the mom sometimes has a hard time getting control of those two. Anyway, I really like it here because everyone thinks I'm cute and lets me do whatever I want. The only thing that bugs me is that they have this older dog, Buster, who must have been considered a bad dog before they got me, but now that I'm here tearing everything up all day long the mom occasionally looks at me and tells me she can't believe it, I'm so bad I'm making Buster look good! But she's always smiling when she says it. She's a real sucker. Well, that's about it from me. I hope to stay here for a really long time!

So anyway, that's what it would say if Leo wrote it. That's all folks. And admit it, this was much better for your mood than having to read nonsense about the election.


Tiffany said...

This post totally made me LOL and almost had me ROTFLMAO. But it wasn't quite that funny. Love that Anthony gets away with cussing in such a creative way!

Terri (#1 fan) said...

LOL!!! I was shocked when I read your title because I was just thinking yesterday how great it was that we could actually converse with one another the day after election day and not mention the election!

I hope I am on that Christmas card list! I will show it to my Buster and our new puppy (who is also too cute to get into too much trouble.) But "technically" not as cute as a Golden Retriever. (But don't tell him I said that.)

Buster & Diesel said...

Dear Leo,
Can you please teach me how to make some of those cute Golden Retriever puppy faces because I REALLY like taking Q-tips and bits of tissue out of the bathroom trash cans. I get in trouble when I do this, so if you could give me some tips that would really make my life so much better!

Hi Leo,
Nice job on the peanut butter! I tried that with some butter the other day but got busted before I even got a lick. I think my people let me get away with so much because I'm REALLY good at fetching balls and bringing them back. I wear out my girl people so the mom likes that.

deborah Macfarlane (sister of Ann Marie) said...

I am going to hold you to that Christmas card!!!!!
Yes he will outgrow this phase just like Anthony
outgrew his toddler phase!!!
You could write a book on your pets.
I still want you to write you about Pops the runaway
And Bruno...
And all the dogs that your husband has suckered you into getting.
I mean my husband would NEVER sucker me into getting a dog!

ann marie said...

Terri, hahaha, loved your dog letters :)tell your dogs Leo will give them some tips real soon! Didn't you love my title to this post? hehehe. I know, I love that we have zero need to discuss politics :)

ann marie said...

Oh, and Tiffany, I am crushed to know you were not rotflyao! But I am getting a visual anyway and it's amusing me. Deborah,I forgot about all the other times Greg suckered me into getting bad dogs! It must be my defense mechanism! Denial!

Leisa said...

I pushed the blog button scared that I might learn something that I didn't want to know and was THRILLED that it was a hilarious post with NO election coverage ;) You are so funny!! I love your writing!

ann marie said...

He he I'm real slick like that Leisa :) I just wanted to get people to read my post and figured a little false advertising would do the trick :) I think I'm onto something here! On tap for tomorrow...the tale about me running naked down 441! Yes, really I totally did that and if you come back tomorrow you can read all about it!

Leisa said...

See you in the morning

Julie said...

This is the best post ever!!