Thursday, April 15, 2010

While I'm on the subject of Anthony

I don't know if I should post this, because it makes me look like a mean, sarcastic person who potentially causes her kids undue stress, but I'm sort of frustrated and annoyed and so hey, why not show my bad side. I've certainly done it before.

My husband drinks a beer every evening. Just one and really not an entire one. He pours a good amount of tomato juice in a beer glass and then fills the rest of the glass up with beer. Usually there is beer left in the bottle and I dump it down the drain, or add it to my food, depending on what I am cooking. You would be surprised at the wonderful flavor a good beer will leave in certain stews.

Greg used to drink a glass of wine every night but read that this new concoction was better for you and since he cares about his health he decided to go for it with the beer and tomato juice combo.

So the night before last he left his beer cap on the counter and usually this drives me nuts and I immediately pick it up and throw it away, but this time I didn't pick it up. Anthony did though. He saw it at some point and stuck it in his pocket and took it to school where he decided to take it out and show someone. Or as he put it, "well, I forgot it was there and then I was like Hey, what's this in my pocket,and I pulled it out and the teacher saw me and took it away. I'll go get my agenda."

His agenda is where he keeps his assignments and where the teacher writes notes when she has something nice to tell me about Anthony. Or something not nice, depending on what he's done. So right there in his agenda was the bottle cap, taped heavily onto the page, with a note written by his teacher and it said - Anthony said he took this off of your kitchen counter and took it to school. I explained to him that he can't show other children these sorts of things."

She didn't have to tape it to his agenda, did she? She could have thrown it away and simply sent a note home telling me what he had done. She could have written an amusing note in which she gently teased me about it, making me feel as though she understood she doesn't think I'm a drunk. She could have brought humor to the situation, because nothing makes me feel more at ease than when someone makes me laugh and lets me know they are not judging me. But something about the bottle cap being taped (and taped with several layers of tape, too) to his agenda made it seem so mean spirited and obnoxious.

So I figured if she wasn't going to bring levity to the situation, I would. I left the bottle cap taped to the agenda, because honestly, it would have taken a lot of work to remove it, and I wrote my own little note back... Mrs. X (not her real name) this must be the bottle cap from the beer me and Anthony split for breakfast in the morning. Kindly, A.M. Hacic.

And then I called Greg and we laughed, because Greg and I like to laugh together and we almost always find the same immature things amusing, which isn't always good. His laughing made me think it was a good idea to go ahead and send the note in, so I did. But as soon as I dropped Anthony off at school this morning, I wanted to go chase him down and tackle him and rip the page out of his agenda, because if there is one thing I have learned about his teacher over the past few months, it is that she has absolutely no sense of humor and she will perhaps take her annoyance out on Anthony.

Between this and the non-stop, loud farting my boy is a marked man. I am now sitting and waiting for him to get home so I can open the agenda and see if she wrote anything back. I only hope that at some point today she grew a sense of humor and found it slightly amusing.


Kirsten said...

You did not write that note back!!!!! If you did YOU ROCK. I could have never done that but would have wanted to. Good for you!!! You have to continue this story....What happened??? Were you called down to the principals office???

Leisa said...

I am dying over here. I MUST know, is Anthony suspended? Are you going to have to homeschool him now? Did DCF show up at your door?

I need to go drink a beer now. And personally I think the kids would do better with a beer for breakfast!!

Kirsten's right, you ROCK!!

Tiffany said...

Oh my, you are a riot!! We need to know what happened!!
I love it, and that teacher needs to seriously get a life.

ann marie said...

My darling boy left his agenda at school so I am not sure if she responded yet, but I do hear the police whistle right now and I think it's headed in my direction. Send help, and quick!
I checked with Sue, my friend who is a teacher, and she said the taping of the bottlecap to his agenda was excessively condescending and warranted my action and she found it extremely amusing that I wrote what I did, so I felt a little better. The worst part is that I am going on field trip with Mrs X's class next week. I'm thinking of eating some beans the night before and then sitting next to her on the bus. And maybe I can smile real big, big enough to show those missing teeth of mine. I do take some comfort in knowing you all got a kick out of it.

Julie said...

Wow! Good for you!

Cheryl said...

This is the BEST laugh I have had ALL week!!!

Terri said...

LOL! That's something that I would have written. I know I'm late to the story, but I need to know what happened! lol