Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ten things with many things within those things

A friend told me today that writers write, which means I am technically not a writer as I haven't written in quite some time. I haven't known what to write, but fortunately I got lucky today because Julie tagged me so here goes.

Ten random facts about me

1) I used to spend hours and hours reading Vogue in the library when I was a teen. I wanted to move to NYC and become a fashion designer.

2) I didn't really want to go to college.

3) It took me a year and half longer to graduate than it should have, mostly because of number two. I mean number two on this list, not number two as in I had a pooping problem ( although that is also true).

3) Once I got my head on straight I was good student and loved college. I even made the Dean's List. ( But I did continue to almost poop my pants on a regular basis.)

4) I think talking about poop is kind of funny.

5) At some point in my late teens I wondered if I ever would get married or even if I wanted to. The whole thing seemed really unlikely.

6) I put hot sauce on everything, including pizza and mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. Very tasty. You should try it, especially the mashed potatoes one.

7) I hate walking into a crowded room all by myself.

8) Although I have many friends, I consider myself a loner and am quite nervous in large groups, even if I know everyone. This tends to make me babble and make incessantly sarcastic and dumb comments.

9) I'm most comfortable around my family, both the one I was born into and the one I now live with.

10) I am enjoying becoming older and wiser, but I am not enjoying looking older and wiser.

Nine things I do everyday -

1) Wake before the sun comes up. This is a must.

2) Drink a glass of iced coffee, unless it is cold out, then it's espresso.

3) Say my prayers, read my daily readings.

4) Walk my dog

5) Check emails

6) Shower

7) Tell my husband and kids I love them.

8) Read

9) Nap for 15 minutes

Eight things that annoy me -

1) People who drive too slow in the left hand lane

2) Snapping your gum

3) The sound of my kids typing on the computer. I am sound sensitive.

4) Whiny children, especially, but not limited to, my own.

5) Cellulite - just my own.

6) People who don't exercise or eat right and still manage to look good. Rude!

7) People who think poor people deserve it because they are lazy.

8) Waiting in line behind someone who is in the ten item or less line even though the person has about twenty items and then writes out a check.

Seven fears or phobias -

1) Getting lost in a dark and deserted forest in a snowstorm. That's really why we moved to Florida.

2) Snakes

3) Getting attacked by a pit bull

4) Getting hit by a car while I'm riding my bike

5) Being stuck in an enclosed space

6) Farting loudly in public

7) Hotel sheets

Six songs I am addicted to - all by The Avett Brothers.

1) Colorshow

2) I killed Sally's Lover

3) Kick Drum Heart

4 ) Laundry Room

5) Murder in the City

6) The Ballad of Love and Hate

Five things I can't live without

1) The Eucharist

2) Sacrament of Reconciliation

3) My family - (husband, kids, siblings and parents)

4) My friends

5) Humor

Four things I will never forget

1) The birth of each of my children

2) The first time I saw Greg. He was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of The Tasmanian Devil eating a peace sign. Very funny.

4) The time my sister and I got in a fight in the parking lot of IHOP. I remember it because we never get in fights, so it felt very weird.

5) Greg, me and Jane going on vacation to Myrtle Beach with my sister, her husband and their two oldest kids. Yes, this is the same vacation where we got in the IHOP fight, but the week that ensued has provided us years and years of laughter. As a matter of fact, if my sister is reading this she is laughing right now thinking about it.

Three Words I can't go a day without saying

1) Thank you ( I know it's two but come on!)

2) NO!

3) Quiet!

Two things I wish I could do

1) Lose the rest of this five year old baby weight!

2) See my sister more

One person I trust

Cheesy but true - God

But if I have to pick an actual person who I see all the time then it's Greg.


Terri said...

I usually think the tagged blog things are boring but this one is pretty interesting!

Now you must blog about the pants pooping. Or the iHop fight because I'm sure both of those stories - written by you, the "NON writer" will be hilarious!

Tiffany said...

I definitely want to hear more about how you almost pooped your pants frequently in college. I especially want to hear if you ever did poop your pants.
And, I want to hear about the iHop fight as well. The biggest physical fight my sister and I ever got into was over who was going to pick up a spider off the closet floor. It turned out to be a plastic ring spider.

ann marie said...

Tiffany, I remember you either writing about that or telling me about that fight and it was very funny! Remember walking one morning and we saw a lady who was running and looked like she might be ready to poop her pants? Yeah, that was me through most of my adult life!! hehehe. Why is this so amusing to me?

deborah Macfarlane (sister of Ann Marie) said...

I personally would love the full IHOP story retold.
It was a classic and the two people who witnessed it - our husbands - were seemingly unaffected as they fortunately have been by much of our behavior.
They are both bald now (Joe is more bald) and I believe Greg once commented that being married to a Loatman sister would do that to anyone. I take no offense to that and in fact I am sort of proud of it!
I think ALL of your fans deserve to hear about the
pooping in the pants somewhere in the Catskill Mountains.

Julie said...

For some reason I was unable to comment the day I read this (I did send Ann Marie an email comment though). Now comments are working and I'm back... AM, TIME TO BLOG AGAIN!!!

deborah Macfarlane (sister of Ann Marie) said...

drinking coffee and holding out hope
that there would have been a fresh post...
I was thinking...
an even better post involving the Catskills
would be your childbirth story...
okay we fans will take anything...
it is good friday...maybe you are listening to Jesus
Christ Superstar...

Heidi L. said...

I could fill a blog with pooping in the pants stories! Maybe we should get together and share some of our stories over coffee...which will then cause us to P.I.O.P!!! ; )