Friday, October 19, 2012

Rambler post

I honestly do want to start writing again, so here, let me just get a few thoughts out, just to get the ball rolling. I hope to be back very soon.

Politics anyone? Oh don't worry. My political discussions are always fun and rarely political.

There was a rumor going around that this guy named Paul Ryan was cute. I kept seeing comments pop up here and there about his hotness and so I googled him hoping to get a big slice of Hamm, Jon Hamm that is, but instead I got, well I got Paul Ryan. Now ladies, we can do better than this. He looks all kinds of dopey and silly and I just can't abide drooling over this sort of man. This is the kind of look that makes me long for the pictures of Obama with that cigarette hanging out of his mouth. 

I suppose I shouldn't make fun of a person's looks but Paul Ryan is a man after all and if there is one thing I know about men, they don't care how unattractive you say they are, they will find a way to try and convince you and everyone else that you're lying and if that fails they'll just say you're a lesbian, so my point is, Paul Ryan won't be shedding any tears over my comments about his goofy face. 

My favorite thing about this election season is listening to people everywhere say that this is the most important election ever. Because all those other elections were so stupid and dumb and what a bunch of losers we were even bothering to vote in those! I feel like such a fool! I have many more thoughts about this election and politics in general, but  I realize I know so little about much of it and I'm not nearly arrogant enough or boring enough to blabber on any longer.

So we're getting another dog, because if there is one thing this 1400 square foot, packed to the gills house needs it's another dog. Greg came home and showed all the kids a picture of a golden retriever who is in need of a new and loving home. A golden retriever is the dog equivalent of Jon Hamm. You simply can't say no to it. One look and you're a goner! I mean it would have been much easier if he had come home with the dog equivalent of Paul Ryan, something like a drooling, dopey basset hound, but no, this dog is gorgeous, house trained, a graduate of obedience school, which means he knows how to fetch a ball. Buster is going to be so jealous. We throw things for Buster to fetch and he just looks at us and goes back to licking himself. I wonder if that's what Paul Ryan does when people try and play fetch with him. The dog's name is Leo. I like that name. Will I spend the next ten years regretting this, yelling about all the extra dog hair and dog smells, telling Greg what a jerk he is for having shown the kids an actual picture of an actual dog thereby making it impossible for me to say no to him and the kids? Yes, obviously I'll regret it, but my life isn't complete without a strong dose of regret thrown in every now and again and unlike past regret which typically ended with me berating myself and my mistakes, I will be turning my anger and ill feelings onto the person who was foolish enough to show my children a photograph of such a handsome dog in the first place. When I write it out like that I realize that I am evolving! My anger is being directed at others. I'm certain this is what my old therapist would have called growth!

I'm heading out for a little bike ride now. I've finally embraced my compulsive behavior. I have given up any illusion of expanding my workouts to include anything other than riding my bike. I spent a good amount of time trying to talk myself into doing something else. Running, yoga, weight lifting, pilates. Yes, I would pretend that I was going widen my horizons in the exercise arena, but why? I love riding. I love it so much and I want everyone else to love it just as much as I do, but not so much that people are out in droves crowding up my roads. I like my privacy. Go ahead and ride but just stay away from me. Last weekend all the suckers who have to work all week were out in full force taking up space on my beautiful Lake County roads and it was so annoying.

Kate and me are going  to see another Avett Brothers concert this week. Seeing the Avett Brothers in concert is like being in church. The crowd is a mix of old and young and people seem really content to be there except for a couple of buffoons talking through the whole thing, just like real church. You know someone dragged those people in and they don't want to be there and you try really hard not to think rotten thoughts. If you're in church you pass over those people when it's time for peace ( you need to make it clear  that you have no feelings of love toward them) and if you're at a concert you tell your daughter if the talking doesn't stop she needs to push you into the people so they will be forced to move. Anyway, it's all church like and wonderful and you leave both places feeling quite refreshed, elated, wanting to go back for more and you kind of want everyone in the world to have that same experience.

On top of seeing the Avett Brothers this week, my sister will be here. Oh the excitement is almost too much to  contain. It's like Christmas in October. The countdown has begun. Maybe I'll take a picture of my sister and post it on here!

Have a good weekend everyone!


deborah Macfarlane (sister of Ann Marie) said...

I am going to dress up like Paul Ryan and then you can take my picture!!!!
WOOHHOOOOO...Which kingdom should we go to first?!
LOVE this post and I am voting for Tim Tebow for President.
Now come on...There is a slice of man...

Terri #1 fan said...

Oh goodie! I want to see that in person Deborah.

I want that dog. You know Kate just told me she wanted a golden retriever.

ann marie said...

No Terri, I didn't know that! If Buster and Leo don't get along I will let you know :)
Deb, agreed on the Tebow thing. Can't wait to see your Paul Ryan look!

Julie said...

You Rock!!