Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More stuff

Oh look! Another post and it hasn't even been a full week. I'm ambitious.

We're on spring break this week and the weather is not spring break weather. It was in the 60's yesterday. People are saying how refreshing it is. It isn't refreshing. If this was the middle of August and we were having 99 degree days with 150 percent humidity, then it would be refreshing. But people, really, what on earth are you being refreshed from? The weather has not been warm here. Stop being careless with your words. This weather is the opposite of refreshing - it's annoying. Someone said yesterday, "well, it could be worse, it could be snowing out." No, actually it really couldn't be snowing out. We live in Florida. We don't get snow, so no, please just stop making ridiculous arguments. I want warmth. I want to be out walking in the morning and actually break a sweat. I want to get off my bike and be drenched. So come on Florida, get your act together and get warm.

Speaking of walking in the morning...I was out the other morning finishing up my walk and while I was on the corner of Highland and Liberty, I happened upon a man laying face down in the bushes, covered in toilet paper. Thankfully I was in my car when I saw him. Sometimes I leave for my walks straight from my house, but other times I get in my car, drive down the street and park somewhere. I do this so that on the way back home I can avoid the slow walk up my hill in which neighbors see me and wave and sometimes talk. If I'm in my car I can just drive up my street and get out of my car and look down at the ground, avoiding contact with chatty neighbors. So anyway, I was in my car pulling out of the parking lot on Liberty and Highland and that's when I spotted what I was pretty certain was a person. Because it was so early out and still quite dark, I decided to flash my high beams and sure enough, up popped a person's head. Said person just stared at me as though I was rude for waking him and honestly I did feel kind of bad about that once I realized he wasn't dead. I asked him if he was okay and he made some remark about having had a fight with his boyfriend the night before and so I guess he found his way there to that nice cozy bush.And really, who among us can claim to have never fallen asleep in a bush? No judgments from me on that one. I asked if he needed anything and he said no thanks and went right back to relaxing face down, right in that bush. I hope he worked it out with his boyfriend. Sleeping in a bush for one evening is okay, anything more than that and it becomes somewhat uncomfortable.

Speaking of men and their boyfriends, did you hear that the Supreme Court is hearing arguments regarding same-sex marriage? I know, you hadn't even heard about this and now you have me to thank for informing you! I like to stay on top of things. Okay, I admit, I didn't know any of this until about five minutes ago when I went on Google and something about it popped up and I thought, hum what's going on, should I make myself aware of this, should I educate myself and become involved and concerned? Well, as it turns out, the way the Supreme Court works it doesn't even matter what I think about any of this ( RUDE!), nor does it matter if I am at all educated on the matter, so I decided to just check back in a  few months when all of this will be decided. Yes, it's true. It seems that a ruling on the matter won't be given until June so we only have two to three more months to listen to people on both sides give profound and moving insights into why they are right and you are nothing but a complete ignoramus. Do you care to hear my insights? Oh please, you should know better. I don't talk about this stuff. Rest assured though, if you feel like giving me your thoughts on the matter I will listen and then, depending on your stance, I will either think you are brilliant, or an ignoramus. Roll the dice and take you chances, people. You just never know where you'll end up with me.

Well, children are getting restless and my behind is getting numb from sitting here so I will end this. Don't forget to watch  the Florida Gulf Coast/ University of Florida Gainesville game on Thursday night. While we may not all share the same views on gay marriage, there is one thing I know we can all agree on - Gator Nation is filled with the largest number of arrogant jerks ever to roam the face of the earth so with any luck, Florida Gulf Coast will win. GO EAGLES!!!!!


Julie said...

Look at this, I'm on vacation out of state, where it is cold AND snowing, and still I'm the first one to comment!! Clearly I am the biggest capicola fan!! Ann Marie you make me so proud to be a fan!!!

ann marie said...

You are a super fan!!! Now you just have to get a Capicola Nation fan club going. I mean, come on, how has this not happened yet?

deborah said...

I was out of the state today and waited until I got home
because I just prefer to read MY sister's post
on my laptop. HER number one fan! JKing!
The poor man in the bush...You should follow up on that guy. You know you will...
And cold? Yeah, it's hard to feel your pain on that one
here in NY where we can't seem to hit fifty yet.
Talking about the weather beats talking about gay marriage though!
Those Gators are probably doing a number on Joe's bracket...(S)...

ann marie said...

Deb, I saw Julie's comment and just knew it would frost your arse! HAHAHA! You and Julie will have to duke it out for super fan!! The Gators are supposed to win, Florida Gulf Coast is probably the team who messed with Joe's ( and everyone elses) brackets. You have to go read about them. They are a real Cinderella story. I love their coach.

Anonymous said...


#1 Fan.


ann marie said...

oh you guys are all literally making me laugh out loud! I may not have a lot of readers but I certainly have the funniest!

Julie said...

Nice try Deborah and X, but we all know who the biggest fan is!!!

Big Fat Fan!!

deborah said...