Thursday, January 9, 2014

More reader questions

Because it was fun and I have no imagination and can't think of anything to write on my own -

Julie in Florida asks, what is your favorite childhood memory, what is your favorite color, who is your favorite person to meet for coffee and when are you going to write a book?  Oh these questions readers are leaving always veer off into the delusional at the end.

I'll start with the last question. I am never going to write a book. The chances of it becoming a best seller are pretty high, which means I would become famous and I've always been a little afraid I would be awful as a famous person, which is why I really never try too hard at anything. The money and fame would go to my head. I would probably start drinking all the time and may even turn into the kind of person who gets on airplanes and spouts off f bombs. It wouldn't be pretty. We're all just better off with me living my life in a pretty anonymous state

What is my favorite color? Green. I find it soothing.

Who is my favorite person to have coffee with? Whoever it is I happen to be meeting that day for coffee is my favorite person to have coffee with. If I had to choose one person to have coffee with it would be my sister. This isn't to take away from all of the other lovely people I have coffee with ( and it suddenly sounds like all I do is have coffee with people all day, everyday) but me and my sister are pretty tight.

What is my favorite childhood memory? This one was hard. When I tried to think of one favorite memory I couldn't come up with one single one. Everything melded together. Little things come to mind, many of them involving my Nana. Picking dandelion greens with her in a field near the DiSiena Furniture store. She used to cook the greens like spinach. I guess this is now considered a fancy meal. My Nana did a lot of things that are now considered fancy and impressive. Too bad facebook wasn't around back then.  The time she found an injured bird lying in the road and brought it inside and tried to nurse it back to health. I was a teen when this happened. Nothing much impressed me. This did though. I still remember being mesmerized by the fact that my Nana was doing this. She put it in an open shoe box and wrapped up its broken wing and kept checking on it. I don't even remember if the bird made it or not. Making homemade ravioli with her and having her get mad at me and my sister if we didn't seam those babies up properly. Her praying the rosary in her chair and if you happened to come in when she was in the midst of it she would put her rosary down and talk to you, which always made me feel special. Those are just some of my favorites but I have many more and if I were to sit here and keep writing there is a chance I would never get up and unload the dishwasher, which is what I really need to be doing right now. As an aside, I realize I was extremely blessed to have grown up living so close to my Nana. It does take a lot to impress me and if you want to know why you would have to understand who my Nana was. I'm not sure there is anyone who even comes close to topping her in every single way and if she was sitting here reading this she would smile and say, "you bet your ass my granddaughter."


Jennie C. said...

Okay, new question.

What do you think is your greatest strength?


Julie said...

How 'bout you write a book about your Nana, that way all the glory can go to her and the fame won't go to your head!

ann marie said...

Jennie, I was getting nervous that I had run out of questions! I am going to answer your question tomorrow. This is kind of fun :)

Tiffany said...

I love your Nana stories, a book about those would totally be a bestseller and I would love to hear you drop f-bombs on planes. That could be pretty funny. I would love to have a coffee date with you and be your favorite for an hour. I think I'm starting to see light at the end of this crazy life tunnel that got super crazy way back in October.
Here's my question--top 5 favorite books off top of your head--don't think too hard or you won't be able to pick just 5. And, top 5 favorite movies.

deborah said...

OH WHAT A BONUS! I was not aware of this latest post until just now and am so honored to be your favorite person to have coffee with!
And I LOVE the Nana stories. I have been thinking
of her as my daughter travels Ireland and that she
is the woman who started it all and I am very serious
that you SHOULD write a book just about Nana.
There will never be a more amazing person!
Since she was born in February how about you write all your posts about her in Feb? Okay wow am I a bossy bitch or what!!!!