Saturday, May 19, 2012

I know why the caged bird doesn't sing - but it sure does squawk

It's hard for me to write on a Saturday but I will try.

My husband went out and bought Anthony two birds. And then I went ballistic. I mean I got out of the shower before I was even fully rinsed because I heard the commotion and someone yelling about birds and I thought to myself, this just can't be, my husband couldn't have possibly bought two birds, that's the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. So I started screaming from the shower, "did I hear someone say you bought birds? This better be a joke!!" But Greg yelled some nonsense about how he actually rescued them. From the pet shop? Yes, from the pet shop.

What ensued afterward was a ten minute yelling fest between me, Greg, the kids and the birds. These birds make noise. It's not enough that we have four loud and opinionated kids. Greg wasn't comfortable with that. He had to go out and get parakeets. And these dumb birds squawk. They don't know how to talk yet, so they make an irritating high pitched hissing sound. It's as enchanting as you would imagine.

I think it's mean to keep birds in cages. Nothing anyone tells me is going to make me think otherwise. Birds need to be free and flying around. But Anthony was crushed when I suggested these birds go back to the pet shop so here they are, in our house. Whatever. I've given up. If you see me wandering around 441 with my suitcase, just pick me up and deposit safely to my front yard.

I guess I can go look at the birds everyday and we can talk about how trapped we all feel, them in their tiny cage and me in my tiny house of chaos. I can teach them curse words. Between the birds doing all my cursing,  and my love of texting, I'll never again have to speak words. I will write blog posts and text people and have my birds curse for me. I suppose I can learn to live with that.

And for my dearest, be grateful I love the Avett Brothers as much as I do. They always come through with lyrics that make me love you, even when I can't stand you! :)
Always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.  
The Avett Brothers


deborah Macfarlane (sister of Ann Marie) said...

First of all commenters tonight!!!!!
This takes the cake...
I really can't think this can be topped in any way...

Julie said...

I can't help but wonder if there will soon be some parakeets set free in the Mount Dora area in the near future!

Terri said...

LOL!!!! I love the lyrics! lmao!!!!

I did hear about this story on Saturday afternoon from Jane. I forgot to ask you about it though.

Have they learned any curse words yet?

ann marie said...

Um, hopefully Jane did not tell you how loudly I yelled :) Or that I made Anthony cry. She told you, didn't she!!?? :)

Terri said...

Now come on. I know you well enough that I don't have to find out that information from your kids. lol

You know I love you! :)

ann marie said...

You mean you just assumed it :) :)