Monday, August 31, 2009

day thirty one

I have nothing to say, but it's day 31 and the first month of my massive weight loss attempt is over so I thought I would give a brief overview of my exciting progress. I can report now that I did not lose eight pounds this month. I lost four pounds which, after doing some counting on my fingers, I realized is four less than I hoped for, but as my daughter pointed out, at least I didn't gain four pounds.

I did manage to ride every single day this month with the exception of Sundays, so that was twenty eight days of riding at ninety minutes per day which equals a total of many minutes, probably close to 30,000 minutes or something like that. Wait...okay, I just did the math and actually it is 2520 minutes of riding. I was close though. 2520 minutes or 42 hours. Any way you slice it, it was a lot of work with very little results, which makes getting up at 5:30 everyday more enticing than ever.

Seeing as I am not a quitter, except when I am bad at things and then it's okay to quit, I will continue on in my quest to lose my weight. I figure four pounds over the course of the next six months will put me at 132 pounds, a weight which I can handle. I'm okay with that. And six months is nothing. It takes me right up to my daughter's third birthday, which means that by the time she turns three I will have lost most of the weight I gained when I got pregnant with her.

Here's are some highlights of my riding this month.....

I can't think of anything. I just know that I love riding and I'm glad I live in a place that has nice enough weather that allows me to ride every single day of the year. Also, my town is finally putting in a bike path. I know all the details because I am a concerned citizen and when I found out there was going to be a meeting on this topic I did what we all should do...I sent my husband and my kids to that meeting and had them report back to me. So if you live where I live know that some exciting happenings will be coming your way soon, unless the two cantankerous men from Tangerine get their wish, in which case you will never see a bike path here.

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