Friday, August 5, 2011

Quickly - so I don't forget

I walked out of my bedroom to find a rather large chunk of dark hair on the living room floor. Maggie was standing close by with a pair of scissors - and her hair looked slightly changed. Some would say it had a madwoman look to it.

Me- Maggie, did you cut your own hair?

Maggie - No.

Me - I'm going to ask you again. Did you cut your own hair?

Maggie - Yes, Mama.

Me- Don't ever cut your hair again or I'll take Fuzzy(her beloved blanket) away for a long, long time and don't lie when I ask you something. I'm glad you fessed up, but you shouldn't have said no the first time. Do you understand me?

Maggie - Yes, Mama. And I accept your apology.

Hum. That didn't go as planned.


Terri said...

That is adorable! Don't you just love how quickly they forgive you? lol

ann marie said...

yeah! The thing is, she consistently diverts attention away from herself by saying something comical. I always assume she is just confused and doesn't know what she is saying, but now I am starting to wonder.

Terri said...

She's a sly one, that Maggie. :)

Julie said...

Love her!

Deb said...

she is obviously very smart and has already mastered
how to distract with humor!
how about a photo of that coif?!