Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bird Update

The month is almost over, so let's just go ahead and call it over for good because writing everyday is  stupid and I'm sorry I ever came up with this idea.

How about a bird update?

The birds are named Charlie and Marge, after my MIL and FIL. Anthony named them. He likes to tell everyone he would have  preferred being named Charlie.

The two birds may possibly mate! Isn't that fantastic? We can have little baby birds. But if they love and care about each other too much their bird babies will have defects. Yes, this is true. Wouldn't it be awful if the same applied to humans?

They haven't made much noise since that first day. They sing in the morning though and it sounds cute.

OMG, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I like the birds. It's kind of cute how they snuggle up with each other. My feelings must remain secret from my children. 

Anthony walks up and down our street with the birds on his shoulder. Our neighbors probably look and point out the window and say things like, "What is that weird Hacic boy up to now? They're such a curious family. And loud, too. Did you see the mom running over the garbage cans again and getting out and throwing them across the lawn like a lunatic. She seems a little off." 

We had to go to Trimble Park today just so Anthony could show the birds to his friends. He couldn't show them the birds at our home. He had to make plans to meet at the park and then show up with the birds in the van because it was going to blow everyone's mind to open that van door and come out with a birdcage. Fortunately the ten and under set is blown away by just about everything and there was excitement galore. Anthony's really in his wheelhouse with these kids. They find him fascinating and so knowledgeable. It's quite entertaining for me to see.

I'm tired and the bags under my eyes are growing by the second. Goodnight all.


Julie said...

Look at me the first commenter again! I want to hear more about the problems that could come if birds love each other too much. I also love hearing stories about Anthony!

deborah Macfarlane (sister of Ann Marie) said...

wow this post nearly slipped by me!
I didn't even think to check earlier!
second only to julie...sigh...
hey I DID tell Ann Marie awhile ago that she could write a whole book JUST on Anthony...
and I think the reason my kids are so ? is because my husband and I are TOO in love!!!!!!!!!!!
I love Anthony the most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(next to Ann Marie of course!)

Terri said...

LOL! Deborah I was going to say the same thing about my kids! TOO in love. That's it!

Yes, we want a whole month's worth of posts about Anthony and his antics!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Ann Marie
Happy Birthday to you!!

Do something you love on your birthday like updating your blog!!

ann marie said...

Julie, you are so funny! I will update right not :)

Terri (#1 fan) said...

There are TWO more days in this month.

deborah Macfarlane (sister of Ann Marie) said...

it is June now and we are all looking for a BIRD update!!!

Anonymous said...

still looking!!!!
update PLEASE?!!!!!!

deborah Macfarlane (sister of Ann Marie) said...

I am waiting!

deborah Macfarlane (sister of Ann Marie) said...

give us something! come ON!!!!!!!